Creating your own opportunities with Scott Walton

Recently I sat down with Scott Walton in my latest episode of The Digital Rookie Podcast. Scott works in social media for the Victorian Racing Club, an opportunity provided to him as a result of working hard to become experienced and skilled in the industry. I wanted to do a summarising write up about what I learnt from Scott, and how those learnings can be applied tangibly in the hunt for a career in sport. If you haven’t listened to my chat with Scott, make sure to check it out on Spotify and the Apple Podcasts app! 

The main learning I got from Scott was his insight into the benefit of constantly seeking new opportunities and ways of improving yourself. In particular, his ability to consistently develop his career through gaining experience at a variety of different organisations and sports clubs. This is reflected in a comment he made to me post-recording about how he now struggles to know what experiences are best to put on his CV when applying for jobs. He has managed to get to a point that with many different experiences it can be difficult to know which ones are most relevant and most impressive. 

Another lesson that Scott made clear in his explanation of how he has gone about developing his career portfolio, is using the resources readily available to you to create a variety of features to your skill set that can differentiate you in the future. For example, Scott made reference to the way in which he has been able to slowly become more and more experienced in the use of Adobe Photoshop by using resources such as YouTube to learn features of the platform. The second step to this lesson is then being able to demonstrate those skills in a professional and interesting way, which he has also been able to do through his personal ‘side-project’, an Instagram account called The Highlights Club. 

I think for people wanting to get into the Sports Marketing industry, one of the most important factors that I have found benefited me, and have also benefited Scott, is becoming experienced as a result of your own passion and interest for sport or social media itself. Create an Instagram account, a fan page or even a podcast that can demonstrate to an employer that you are more dedicated, skilled and passionate about sport and digital marketing than anyone else applying for a job. If you wait for other people to provide a platform to give you experience then you’re most likely going to fall behind to those who are using those jobs to show off the skills and techniques they’ve learnt by themselves behind the scenes. 

Ultimately, Scott’s story from being in a small broadcasting class at Box Hill TAFE to now being involved in managing the social accounts of some of the biggest sports organisations in Australia reflects that with hard work anything is possible. Scott made it clear in my chat with him that it is super important to have a goal to work towards, and everyday is about getting a little bit closer to that goal. In the end, even if you don’t reach the goal exactly, the effort you’ve made will have taught you lessons and skills you wouldn’t have obtained otherwise. 

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