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Using Paid Media to build Digital Strategy

In the latest episode of the Digital Rookie Podcast, I sat down with Trishan Naidoo. Trishan is a very experienced digital marketing strategist, now in a performance marketing role at the AFL. His knowledge of the paid media industry made for a really interesting chat and following are my key takings from our discussion.  Trishan’s… Continue reading →

Creating your own opportunities with Scott Walton

Recently I sat down with Scott Walton in my latest episode of The Digital Rookie Podcast. Scott works in social media for the Victorian Racing Club, an opportunity provided to him as a result of working hard to become experienced and skilled in the industry. I wanted to do a summarising write up about what… Continue reading →

My Top Covid-19 Initiatives in World Sport

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s blog post which is my top Covid-19 implicated initiatives in world sport! My first initiative is arguably the most creative. As the German Bundesliga has returned to play in recent weeks they have been able to innovate methods of getting the fans involved on match day even when they’re… Continue reading →

Netflix and Sport…the future?

Welcome to today’s blog! I wanted to talk about something that has been particularly relevant in recent months, in particular in combination with Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance.  In my opinion Netflix’s position as an on demand streaming platform has evolved significantly in the past few years. Initially Netflix was the one stop shop for… Continue reading →

Technology’s impact on the fan experience

Welcome to today’s Digital Rookie Blog. I have been inspired to briefly discuss and consider the impact of technology on the fan experience, in particular in conjunction with Covid-19 implications, but also as a consequence of the different types of fan experiences we are witnessing as technology progresses.  This week Apple acquired ownership of an… Continue reading →

should sport be returning?

Welcome to The Digital Rookie’s first Blog Post! Today’s post is about our first taste of sport upon return from the 9 week ban.  The German Bundesliga, Germany’s national soccer league, kicked things off with 4 games on Saturday night (AEST) and there were a bunch of thoughts and issues that arose as a result… Continue reading →