Digital Rookie

The Digital Rookie Hub has 3 objectives:
1. To be a platform for young people to gain insight into how a rookie might go about starting a career in the sports marketing industry. 
2. To be point of reference for young people to observe how someone is going about transitioning between university and a professional career.
3. To create a community of young people who are passionate about actively engaging in pursuing their passions and interests as a career.

As a recent university graduate, you are instantly pressured to try bridge that gap between being a university student and becoming a professional. As I have come to realise, there are a lot of challenges that come with trying to begin a career in sports marketing, or any industry for that matter. I am hoping that The Digital Rookie brand will allow people in similar positions to gain something from the decisions that I make and lessons I learn. 

My dream is that the resources generated as a result of me trying to find my way in the sports marketing industry will grow enough interest that I am able to build a community of like minded people who have a desire to actively pursue their professional dreams, but don’t know exactly how.