My name is Patrick Quay and I am The Digital Rookie. 

At the end of 2019 I graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts. My two majors were Media and Communications, and Criminology with a variety of Marketing electives also a prominent feature of my degree.

After graduating, my professional career has mainly involved working for free for a variety of different organisations, some in sport and some not. This impacted the decisions behind deciding to create The Digital Rookie, as I want to create content that encapsulates my passions and interest while also hoping to help other people in similar positions.

I love sport – any and every sport. The drama and entertainment of sport allow for endless content opportunities, which is why I think Digital Marketing and Sport combine so perfectly as an industry. Watching sport is only the beginning of my interest. The fan experience of sport, how it engages people and the ways that technologies such as social media are constantly reinventing how we consume sport as a form of entertainment.

My favourite sports include the AFL, the NBA, Cycling, Tennis, Formula 1, Cricket and Soccer!

Here are some of the organisations that I have been professionally involved with: